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A creative solution for empty spaces

1 July 2015 | Posted in: News

As seen in Melbourne Magazine.


Cameron Joss had a great business idea and loads of enthusiasm when he started his healthy, gourmet meal-kit business Kelly Cube.

All he needed to complete the picture was a retail frontage, somewhere to test his idea, without the risk and commitment of a long-term lease. Then he discovered Docklands Spaces.

For more than two years, Docklands Spaces has matched new businesses in need of space with property owners and real estate agents in possession of an empty shop front, office or studio space in Docklands. The opportunity is mutually beneficial for everyone. Property owners can see their property come to life with a welcoming and active business demonstrating the benefits of the property’s best features, while creative projects and business ideas get to experiment without a big financial commitment.

‘Start-ups have a lot of risk. Everyone tells you, it takes time. You can have the best product in the world, but it still takes time to get it off the ground’, said Cameron. ‘The support of finding a place and helping set up your first shop means you can focus more on your business and spend less time worrying about how to get exposure, without tying yourself into a long contract that could potentially be broken’.

‘I never wanted a shop. It was dead rent. However, with such a new concept we have benefitted from the strong local culture and it is a great way for us to connect face to face with some of our regulars’.

Cameron has now incorporated a retail presence into the Kelly Cube business plan. ‘We have learned a lot about the consumer’s real needs from feedback. We have also learned a lot about the retail industry’.

To date the program has helped activate 21 retail spaces in Docklands, assisted 20 start-up businesses and opened three gallery spaces for local artists. Docklands Spaces is a collaboration between the City of Melbourne, Places Victoria, Renew Australia and developer MAB Corporation. The City of Melbourne also supports participants with grant information and business listings.

For more information, visit Enterprise Melbourne.

Docklands’ unique essence displayed

1 March 2015 | Posted in: News

As seen in the Docklands News


Local artists Joseph Flynn and Jake Stollery will launch an exhibition inspired by Docklands this month.

“Contemporary Convergence” at The Front in Harbour Town will feature a range of individual works and collaborations from the Docklands residents.

Both are multi-disciplinarian artists and the exhibition will focus on the merging of digital media and physical materials, including digital prints, an installation sculpture, photographic work and projection.

“I’ve tried to capture certain essences of Docklands in my work,” Mr Stollery said. Mr Flynn agreed, adding: “The colours and general aesthetic of Docklands inspired the work.” “The colours and the water, the architecture – there’s a futuristic sort of feel to Docklands and to our work.”

The exhibition will be held at The Front, which is part of Renew Australia’s Docklands Spaces project and allows creative enterprises to use unleased spaces rent-free on short-term, rolling leases.

Mr Stollery and Mr Flynn said Docklands Spaces was a great initiative for both artists and for the wider community.

“It gives artists the opportunity to use empty spaces, which I think is fantastic,” Mr Flynn said. “But it’s really important for Docklands’ local community as well.”

“It brings culture to the area that might not necessarily have been here otherwise,” Mr Stollery added.

“Contemporary Convergence” opens at The Front on Friday, February 6 and closes on February 28. The Front is located at 424 Docklands Drive.

Whats on @ Docklands Spaces in December

2 December 2014 | Posted in: News


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2 October 2014 | Posted in: News