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Whats on @ Docklands Spaces in September

27 August 2014 | Posted in: News

There is so much going on in September we’ve had to double the size of our calendar!


Fresh Focus for New Space

11 August 2014 | Posted in: News

As seen in the Docklands News


The Docklands Spaces initiative has jumped across to the other side of the waterfront, with the first Victoria Harbour space opening this month.

The most recent addition is Kelly Cube, which opens this month on the waterfront side of the ANZ building in Collins St.

Like other Renew Australia projects, Docklands Spaces participants utilise otherwise unleased spaces rent-free on a short-term rolling lease.

Kelly Cube is the brainchild of Cameron Joss and aims to support Australian farmers and local businesses, while bringing fresh, healthy, easy meals into the homes of time-poor people.

According to Mr Joss, the basic premise of the Kelly Cube is ready-to-cook meal kits, perfectly proportioned to avoid waste, which can be cooked in 10 to 15 minutes.

Cubes can be ordered online and are delivered daily to homes and offices or can be picked up at selected independent businesses.

Beginning in 2012 as an online business, a shopfront was never a major priority until Mr Joss heard about the Docklands Spaces project through some local residents.

“Originally I had no intentions of having a shop but now I’m really excited to see what’s going to happen,” Mr Joss said.

Alongside the online component of the business, Mr Joss said the Docklands shopfront offered new opportunities.

“I want to make it a liveable space, add some energy to the area and give back to the community,” Mr Joss said.

Apart from selling Kelly Cubes from the space, he will also offer produce individually, fresh from the farm.

Mr Joss said he also hoped to hold community events such as cooking and produce demonstrations and communal cooking nights in the space.

The Docklands Spaces project began in March last year and according to Renew Australia project manager Carolyn Lambert there are currently 13 participants across NewQuay and Victoria Harbour.

She said the organisation was currently in conversation with multiple parties that could lead to more properties across NewQuay and Victoria Harbour becoming available for participants.

“Docklands Spaces is already having a fantastic effect on the cultural landscape of Docklands through creating interesting and engaging places to visit,” Ms Lambert said.

According to Ms Lambert, participants reported a combined total of more than 3000 visitors to their Docklands Spaces across April and May this year and she said the future of the project was bright.

“As additional spaces are secured, Docklands Spaces participants will continue to benefit property owners through increasing foot traffic and activity, and decreasing vacancies in and around their properties, creating a more vibrant and desirable Docklands, while giving creative enterprises and initiatives the chance to trial their business ideas in temporary commercial spaces.”

Whats on @ Docklands Spaces in August

1 August 2014 | Posted in: News


Whats on @ Docklands Spaces in July

25 June 2014 | Posted in: News


Whats on @ Docklands Spaces in June

3 June 2014 | Posted in: News